Welcome to Langley Backcountry Consulting

Providing backcountry travel and navigation-related activities for skill-building, team-building, or just for fun!

My Services

for schools, corporate groups, private groups, individuals, and organizations

Skill Building: My specialty is teaching backcountry travel techniques, with an emphasis on navigation, including map, compass, and GPS. In addition to navigation, I am available to instruct outdoor recreation topics including appropriate clothing and equipment, nutrition, medical and environmental hazards, ropes and knots, search and rescue fundamentals, and team dynamics for the novice or experienced outdoor recreationist.

Team Building: Navigation-related activities are also easily adaptable to corporate training and team-building. Activities provide challenges in individual and cooperative leadership, group dynamics, communication, and team play. 

Recreation: Treasure hunts, orienteering, group hikes, geocaching, skill competitions, … All of these are fun! I can design and lead activities for outdoor camps, parties, reunions, or other gatherings for just about any age or skill level.

Using my strong blend of experience in the outdoors and my training as a National Ski Patrol and secondary school instructor I can provide a quality experience to meet your activity goals.

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