Wellness Retreat Navigation Race

March, 2014

I was contracted again by the health care organization, this time to provide an activity as part of a wellness conference for their doctors at a resort on Hood Canal. This time the parameters were that I had to run an activity 2 times on Saturday morning and I only had one hour for each session.

I designed a treasure hunt called The Not-So-Amazing-Race that involved small teams using a map of the grounds to race to desgnated locations, and from each location they had to follow a compass heading to find a prize. In my one hour I had to teach the basics of using a compass to find headings given in degrees, have the teams do the course, and return for a short debrief.

I worked out the locations using satellite images and a mapping program, printed maps, purchased prizes, and the evening before figured out where the prizes would be hidden and the compass headings. I also coordinated with the resort to assure my markers and prizes were not picked up by grounds staff. Unfortunately, we didn’t communicate clearly with the crows and some prize bags were removed. Everyone took it in stride and one of the anonymous feedback form comments after the conference said, “Felt like a kid again!”

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