Board Retreat Walk in the Woods

Sept. 2013

I was contracted by a major health care organization to provide an activity during their board retreat at a resort in the Cascades. The idea was to have the board members take a walk in the woods where they could relax and talk about non-work related topics; that was part of my job: “Don’t let them talk about work!”

The parameters included a fairly tight time frame, an easy trail close to the resort, and a picnic dinner at a location where one member who was recovering from an injury could join us.

I scouted trails in advance and picked a route that included a short van drive off the property through a historic town and cemetary to the trail head. A short, easy stroll led to a riverside location for a break to throw rocks in the water, then continued for another 3/4 mile up to an overlook with a picnic table where we were joined by our other member and had boxed picnic meals delivered. I facilitated a quick round of 2 truths and a lie during dinner, and concluded the walk back at the hotel in time for them to prepare for their evening session.

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