About Me

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About Me

My name is Mark Langley. I am a 4-H certified challenge course facilitator for Seattle Parks and Recreation based at Camp Long in West Seattle. I have also been a backcountry ski patroller for nearly 25 years. I grew up in Western Massachusetts, went to college in Boulder, Colorado, and have been hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, and paddling for over 40 years.

The challenge course program developed by 4-H and Washington State University 2019-06-25 18.35.01Extension uses group-oriented mental and physical activities designed to promote positive communication, group and individual decision making, teamwork, trust, and self-confidence through experiential and adventure programs.  The wide range of activities I offer include portable games and elements that can be brought to your location, and the purpose-built low and high elements at Camp Long.

Since the mid 1990s I have been a member of the National Ski Patrol, volunteering with Cascade Backcountry Ski Patrol (CBSP). As a backcountry ski patroller I receive regular training in Outdoor Emergency Care and Avalanche Safety and Rescue. I am also a Mountain Travel and Rescue and professional-level CPR & AED instructor.

My background as an instructor and group facilitator includes 10 years as a vocational teacher at a high school training student backstage crews for plays, concerts, and events, as well as many years teaching National Ski Patrol’s Mountain Travel and Rescue course in Seattle. I use interactive presentation techniques, hands-on practice, and skill-building games in my instruction.

What I Am Not

I am not an extreme athlete. I have a solid background in the core skills that are central to hiking, climbing, and mountaineering safety, but I am not a professional mountain guide or mountaineering instructor. I provide my activities in relatively controlled environments such as classrooms, parks, and front-country environments. I do not take clients into high-risk environments.

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